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M-1-T - 10mg/tab 50 Tabs/bag - EP - USA View larger

M-1-T - 10mg/tab 50 Tabs/bag - EP - USA

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Supplier: Euro-Pharmacies
Chemical Name: Methyl-1-testosterone
Comes In: 10mg tab
Dosage: 20-40mg ED

Shipping from USA

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M-1-T - 10mg/tab 50 Tabs/bag - EP – USA

What is it?

M1T is the shortened name for Methyl-1-testosterone. It is a very popular type of anabolic and androgenic steroid. It isn’t hard to find due to the demand for it, but the cost can vary based on where you get it. Keep in mind, the quality is also going to vary from one product to the next. With this in mind, be very selective about what you purchase.  It is equivalent to the use of testosterone for energy.

Common Uses

It may be used by males who are producing less testosterone than they should. When the amount is low, it can make it hard to enjoy sexual activities. It can also lead to depression and chronic fatigue. Getting a good lifestyle back with the increased levels can help many men begin to feel normal again.

M1T is a good choice for those new to steroid use. It can help them to get the boost they need for additional energy and endurance. It can help them to physically see the changes to their physique in the least amount of time. When they can see those results, they are going to be more likely to continue down that path and work even harder. This is also a good choice for those who opt not to inject steroids into the body.

M1T can help to speed up the metabolism, and that will assist with burning body fat. This is an essential part of helping the body to have more muscle mass. The use of it can help the body to burn fat for energy, so you see the results of your efforts faster. It can also help with improving strength and endurance. This can allow someone to push themselves through some very difficult workout sessions.

Dosing and Usage

The typical dose of M1T ranges from 10 mg to 40 mg daily. It is best to start out with the lowest dose and see how you respond to it. The dose can be kicked up if necessary once you know you can do well with it. Using more than 40 mg per day increases the risk of side effects, but it doesn’t offer any additional value. It is offered in 10 mg tablets.

If you are taking it at the higher dose, it is best to divide it in half and take twice per day. Many users find they get an upset stomach if they use M1T without eating something first. Try to keep track of when you take it and do so at the same time each day for the best results. It is often used with other steroids at the same time as part of a stack.

Possible Side Effects

There isn’t going to be any damage to the liver using M1T. This is one reason that many athletes rely on it versus some of the other types of steroids out there. It isn’t recommended to be used by anyone that has kidney related health issues.

Most users of M1T don’t have any problems with it. However, there can be some side effects, especially a the body is getting used to it. They include:

  •         Acne
  •         Insomnia
  •         Unwanted body hair
  •         Sweating

Using M1T for long periods of time or at very high doses can reduce fertility for men. It can also suppress the natural production of testosterone. Once the cycle ends, it is possible for the body to start producing it once again. If the use of it is due to low testosterone though, it will need to be used ongoing or the problem will return.


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M-1-T - 10mg/tab 50 Tabs/bag - EP - USA

M-1-T - 10mg/tab 50 Tabs/bag - EP - USA

Supplier: Euro-Pharmacies
Chemical Name: Methyl-1-testosterone
Comes In: 10mg tab
Dosage: 20-40mg ED

Shipping from USA

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